Saturday, 6 August 2011

PCLinuxOS 2011 - Linux Distro Reviews

       Recently a friend from the USA urged me to try this latest Pclos distro, i did it thinking that i probably wouldnt have been impressed and would have uninstalled it after a week or two, how wrong i was. Ive been using windows since the days of windows95 , so had quite a good grip on how to keep a windows OS stable (although it has gotten easier to do) and running fast enough for my needs,  so of course i was a bit hesitant about switching to linux and learning konsole commands ect, hence the reason i thought it would only remain on my PC for a short time.  After install then installing a few packages from synaptic i started using Pclos for my day to day web browsing , which like a lot of users is looking at webpages and streaming video content, Pclos did this very well, each day i was liking it more and more , i have yet to find something that I could do on windows7 and am unable to on Pclos & i still cant, there seems to be software and apps in synaptic repo for everything i did on a windows platform. Not to mention the fact that it uses way less resources than windows, i would recommend this distro to anyone who is thinking about trying linux for the first time. Before i installed this i had only ever used Ubuntu for 1 week then my old laptop passed away, so i was/am a complete noob to linux and as i enjoy learning new things about computers i am enjoying learning about linux and how it works, it is now my  default OS. In hindsight it really wasnt such a sharp learning curve if u wanna check it out go here for the KDE desktop & here for the LXDE version. i hope this post may encourage someone whose a noob to linux to try it out.
   regards   cirrus

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