Tuesday, 23 November 2010

5:15 am (UTC-7)   |   by Gerald Dillera (Fraud Analyst)

Trend Micro researchers recently discovered attacks on the social networking site Multiply. The cybercriminals behind the said attack created new Multiply user accounts then sent malicious personal messages to other site users.
The personal message contains a greeting with the target’s Multiply user name and a video that the recipient is supposed to watch. Clicking the play button redirects users to the malicious URL http://yourtube.{BLOCKED}loring.com/video2/video.php?q=1289224873.
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The page then asks the recipient to download a codec to view the video.
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These sorts of attacks have been occurring for some time.  Users should avoid downloading new codecs to watch videos posted online, as these are frequently malicious. Trend Micro detects the downloaded file in this attack as TROJ_KATUSHA.F. In addition the URL where the malicious video is located is already blocked by Trend Micro products.

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